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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of center is Novallian?

We offer studios with meals, cleaning and laundry services. We want to create a welcoming and comfortable living environment for everyone, young and old. If you are an elderly person and need care, you can live in our building and request home care from the CLSC, like any senior who is at home. Their free services are offered to people living at:

  • A private house

  • An apartment, a room or a dwelling

  • A private residence for seniors

  • etc

We thus offer an inexpensive alternative to elderly people, rather than going to a Residence, which is often much more expensive.

What are the benefits of your center?

- Access to common areas, to socialize in our dining room/living room or to keep in shape in our gym.

- a quiet place, in a building on a human scale (25 to 30 residents), which allows you to live in community, while having your privacy in your studio: all on one floor, no stairs!

- a team that has your well-being at heart!

- our studios are offered at very affordable prices

- A la carte services available

 - meals

 -Free laundry

 -Wifi, electricity, hot water, heating and air conditioning included

 - help with cleaning your studio

How to register ?

2 ways to show us your interest: 

  1. Online, using our "Contact us" buttons

  2. By email:

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